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  • Ljungdalen's FVO
  • Ljungdalen's FVO

Ljungan, Öjön m fl vatten

  Jämtlands län / Berg municipality.

Ljungdalen's fishing area is at the top of Ljungan's valley towards the state's land. Ljungdalen's fishing waters are spared from hydropower and rafting and therefore completely untouched.

Here you fish in crystal clear waters with a fantastic mountain world in the immediate area. Not too far from Ljungdalen are the three largest peaks in the county of Jämtland Helagsfjället, Sylarna and Härjångsfjällen. Helagsfjället is 10 km from the top lake in the fishing area, the height difference from the lake up on Helagstoppen is 1005 meters.

Here you find trout, trout, grayling, pike and lake.

The following waters are in the fishery area: Nedre Skärvagen, Viksjön, Öjön / Lillsjön, Stortjärnen, Kesusjön, Orrtjärnen, Björnskalltjärn, Lantmätartjärn, Grundtjärnen, Ljungan, Skärvagsån, Öjönån, Bodrybäcken and Viksjöbäcken .

 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please see the fishing area map, or contact Ljungdalens FVOF.

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Ljungdalens FVOF

The fishery area was established in 1974. The association monitors fishermen's owners and the interests of anglers.

The association sells fishing licenses and rents out boats, for the return we run our own fish farm and put out trout and char every year from the same tribe. In addition to fish farming, we are improving the area with accessibility fishing, signage, boat places etc., the revenues from fishing licenses and boat rental will go back to fishing.

Organization number: 892600-6373

Customer number: 968, Area: 923.

Contact persons

Rolf Johansson

070 - 376 83 50


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