Övre Lögdeälvens FVO


Lögdeälven, Stortjärn, Trättarmyrtjärn m fl bäckar och sjöar.

  Västerbottens län / Lycksele and Åsele municipality.

Our fishing area is located in the upper part of Lögdeälven, where the interior of Västerbotten invites itself to its very best side!

Here we have to offer river, brook and lake and sea fishing. We have natural water as well as implanted water to offer. Our fishing area is worth a visit if you want to enjoy our nature in a calm and pleasant way!

Well met!

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.

Övre Lögdeälvens FVO

We are an absolutely ideal association that works for a fun fishing. Compiled by a board as well as a number of elders in the field of fisheries.

Organization number: 802427-2554

Customer number: 1084, Area: 1048.

Contact persons

Tony Wallin
070 - 620 40 48


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Affiliated fishing areas in Västerbottens län
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