Lögdasjöns FVO


Lögdasjön, Rödingträsket, Lögdån mfl

  Västerbottens län / Lycksele and Åsele municipality.

Lögdasjön's Fisheries Conservation Area includes Lögdasjön, part of Lögdån, Rödingträsket with cottage and boat rentals and a number of smaller ponds.

The fisheries conservation area is divided into two different areas; precious fish water also called A-water and other waters, so-called B-water.

Rödingträsket, Rödingträsktjärnen and Råtjärn belong to the A-waters and are very fine precious fish waters.
The fishery conservation area offers a very fine fishing for trout, a natural stock. These waters require a special fishing license for A-waters.

For fishing in Rödingträsket there are cottages & boats for rent.

In Lögdån and Lögdasjön there are great opportunities for trout, grayling, whitefish, perch and pike fishing.
Exciting trout and grayling fishing in Kvarnbäcken .
Grain is found in Baksjön and Trehörningen .
For fishing in these waters, a fishing license for B-water applies.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 17.
 Only hand held equipment
 Only from land
 Must have valid personal identification

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Lögdasjöns FVO

Lögdasjön's FVO is located a few kilometers north of Fredrika community.

For boat and cottage rental, contact Martin Lundberg in Baksjöliden (preferably SMS) 0702509420, immediately after boat / cottage rental has been paid at iFiske. Code is then sent back to the key cabinet.

Organization number: 642921-2134

Customer number: 952, Area: 905.

Contact persons

Martin Lundberg
070 - 250 94 20

Lennart Sjödin
070 - 662 90 57


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