Tallsjö Fiskekvårdsområde


Tallsjö Abbarvattnet Skalmsjön mfl

  Västerbottens län / Åsele municipality.

The perch water implanted char in batches and fine perch also self rejuvenated trout and char. There is access to a barbecue hut, windbreak, barbecue hut and also a shed with the possibility of an overnight stay and a wood stove. There are 5 boats for rent. Very clear water and nature beautiful surroundings.

Skalmsjön Pike, perch, roach, whitefish. Barbecue hut is available. Tallsjö Perch, pike, roach. Barbecue facilities, swimming area and sauna for rent. Boat is available for rent.

Remsjön perch, pike, roach, is best suited for winter fishing due to. difficult terrain.

Deep lake Perch, pike, roach grilling opportunities are available on the island, but you must have a boat. Hocksjön Perch, pike, roach, trout from previous plantings can be found. Windbreak with barbecue ring, overnight cabin with stove. Easily accessible.

Gigån Pike, perch, roach, grayling, and trout. Many nice rapids and seals along the river. Barbecue places are available.

Lanaträsket Pike, perch, roach.

 This is a fishing water with planted noble fish, so-called "put and take".

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Tallsjö Fiskekvårdsområde

Tallsjö FVO's goal is to conduct active fisheries conservation work and develop recreational fishing in our waters. Our fishing waters have scenic surroundings and are easily accessible.

Organization number: 896100-1974

Customer number: 3161, Area: 3199.

Contact persons

Sven-Bertil Eriksson
0730 - 24 06 55


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Affiliated fishing areas in Västerbottens län
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