Lönern Turism

  • Lönen is a nice lake with its elongated figure and varying width
  • Fishing in Lönern
  • Motorhome parking Udden
  • Cycling and hiking at Lönern Turism

Lönerns turism

  Västra Götalands län / Ulricehamn and Falköping municipality.

Welcome to book a boat or pitch for a mobile home and buy a fishing license for lake Lönern.

Go to the Accommodation and boats tab to make your booking.

Further down the page there is a depth map for Lönern and an area map for Lönern Tourism.
Feel free to print out the depth map and take it with you on the lake! On the map there are also contact details and other good information about Lönern, marking of shallow areas and suitable passages in the lake for boats.

You can also rent our boats for a longer period at a discounted price, contact us directly for booking and more information.

For more information about us, what we have to offer and about Lönern and fishing, go to our website Lönern Turism . Contact Annika phone +46 70 60 92 073


Lönern Turism

- part of our business.

Lönern Turism is a subsidiary of our forestry company, Åryd Skogsbruk, and is run by Annika and Jan Filipsson.

We own and live on the farm Ryttaregården in Fivlered parish, at the northwestern part of Lönern, Falköping municipality. We are close to both Ulricehamn and Mullsjö municipalities, which means that these also feel like "home" for us.

Lönern Turism is part of our business in the Green Industry. We also run a forest consulting company called Åryd Skog, Our mission - a prosperous forest .

Because we live by and close to nature, the natural environment is important to us!

Organization number: 610520-5576

Customer number: 3057, Area: 3061.

Contact persons

Annika Filipsson
0706 - 09 20 73


Files to download

Djupkarta Lönern Turism

Instruktion båtmotor Mercury

MSB info och råd


Fishing areas nearby Lönern Turism

Lönern, Vinsarpasjön, Yttern
Ätran (Kölaby Hästhagen - Knektakvarn Blidsberg)
Svansjön samt tillhörande Tokebosjön

Affiliated fishing areas in Västra Götalands län
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