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  Västra Götalands län / Ulricehamn municipality.

Jogen is a lake in Ulricehamn municipality in Västergötland, which is part of Göta älv's main catchment area. The lake is 17 meters deepest, has an area of ​​3.68 square kilometers and is 250 meters above sea level. The lake is the second lake in Tidan lake system. The lake is located in the villages Liared and Kölingared. The lake offers an exciting and rewarding fishing, summer and winter. The water is good quality with a ph of about 7. The bottom is in the western part of the lake and its eastern rock bottom.
Sjön's northern part is a nature reserve claimed by the county administrative board.
In the vicinity of the lake there are two wonderful wilderness leaders, which you can walk for in a couple of hours. You are also welcome to visit Årås Kvarn and STF Vandrarhem, an oasis beautifully situated at
at the time where it joins the lakes Jogen and the Wilderness. Årås is in the middle of
"Änglagårdsland", where Colin Nutley recorded his well-known films. See

If you want to use your own boat, there is a newly built boat ramp at Jogen's northern part between Varpaledets badbpats and Årås. There you can easily launch your boat there
In the PDF file, you will find a deep-water map on the lake.
When renting a boat, contact: Christer Johansson, Liared, 0321-431 25 or 070-266 2553, Daniel Jogebrant, Knätte, 0321-420 59 or 0708-173843, Lars Themar, Liared, 0321-430 23

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14.
 Only in company with a keeper / adult / person who holds a valid fishing license (on his quota)

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Jogens FVO

Organization number: 802600-0300

Jogens fishery conservation work to develop and nurture fishing in the lake Jogen. We also make available fish water in different ways, for example through the rental of boats and the ability to add in your own boat and rental of moorings.Customer number: 392, Area: 354.

Contact persons

Sven-David Cederqvist tel 076 8267381
När man vill hyra båt kontakta:
Christer Johansson, Liared, 0321-431 25 eller 070-266 2553
Daniel Jogebrant, Knätte, 0321-420 59 eller 0708-173843
Lars Themar, Liared, 0321-430 23


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Affiliated fishing areas in Västra Götalands län
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