Meåforsens FVOF


Meåforsen, Faxälven

  Västernorrlands län / Sollefteå municipality.

Meåforsen's fishing area concerns a 25 km stretch of Faxälven with mostly flowing water. Meaforsen is located upstream of the village of Ertrik on road 331. The fishing area offers fishing in Faxälven's last natural shore and has one of Sweden's best harrier fishing!

There are two overnight cottages next to the river - "Harren" and "Öringen", which are available free of charge. Both cottages are equipped with four beds, wood burning stove and dry fire.

In Långsele there is camping, grocery store and petrol station. In Edsele there are petrol machines and a grocery store that also has fishing equipment. In Ramsele there are camping and cottage rental, grocery store, petrol warehouse and sale of fishing equipment.

Fishing licenses are also available at ICA in Edsele, Bolist in Ramsele and in Fiskestugan in Ärtrik.

In the village of Åtrik there is a pond of implanted fish where fishing is offered at special times and with a special fishing license.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 16.

Fish species

Rainbow trout


I Ärtrikstjärn





I Ärtrikstjärn







Meåforsens FVOF

Organization number: 802427-0947

The association manages fishing in Faxälven within Meåforsen's fishery conservation area and Ärtrikstjärnen in Sollefteå municipality, Västernorrland County.

Customer number: 955, Area: 909.

Contact persons

Sven Gabrielsson:
070 - 344 28 02


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