Mellansjön Värmdö

  Stockholms län / Värmdö municipality.

Updated: 2024-04-18. Mellansjön is closed until further notice due to non-delivery of fish. However, we will launch the boats and make it possible to rent a boat. The price of the fishing license will be reduced for the aforementioned reason. The boats will be booked here on the page. When possible will be shown here on the page.

Mellansjön is located by Malma on Värmdö in a beautiful and genuine archipelago environment.
Extra fish stocking is done before each ice fishing season.
Sportfiskarna offers put and take fishing in the scenic Middle Lake out on Värmdö. Here, high-quality rainbow trout are regularly released and you can rent a boat for wonderfully relaxed fishing.
Mellansjön is located by Malma Kvarn, about 50 minutes drive from Stockholm city on Värmdöleden/väg 222, towards Stavsnäs.
Turn right towards Malma after Strömma/Didriksdal and drive 2.8 km to a signposted intersection, then turn left towards Malmakvarn.
Then drive 2.5 km to Mellansjön on the left.
After the uphill slope at Mellansjön, there is a parking lot on the right.
During the summer months, SL operates the route Slussen-Malma kvarn, by bus.
Boat is rented at ICA Maxi Värmdö.
See video with fishing tips for the Central Lake here

Central Lake:
Put and take lake rainbow trout


 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 16.
 Only in company with a keeper / adult / person who holds a valid fishing license (on his quota)

Fish species





Mellansjön Värmdö

Ever since 1919, anglers have worked to ensure that there is good fishing in clean waters with healthy fish stocks. Our goal is to develop long-term sustainable sport fishing that is accessible to everyone.

If you have questions about specific fishing cards, which rules apply, when the cards go on sale, etc., please contact the respective fishing area. has no local knowledge of rules and fishing conditions etc. beyond what is available on the website.

Organization number: 802004-4288

Customer number: 3314, Area: 3375.

Contact persons

Sportfiskarna Region Mitt
08 - 41 08 06 80


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