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  Stockholms län / Österåker municipality.

Drängsjön is Österåker's Sport Fishing Club's popular put and take water.

Here, easy-to-access put @ take fishing is conducted for rainbow, trout and brown trout in a scenic area adjacent to Domarudden's open-air farm and nature reserve. The fishing takes place from land for paying guests and / or from bookable boats for ÖSFK's members. Note that in the lake there are parts where neither land fishing nor fishing from a boat is allowed. See special map and information at the fishing lake.

Opportunity for overnight stays and to book fishing packages is available at Domarudden's open-air yard, where there is also dining, the possibility of a sauna, swimming beach, barbecue areas etc. Good parking opportunities (see www.domarudden.se).

Drängsjön is easily accessible and is only 40 km from central Stockholm.

Membership in Österåker's SFK

Fishing license for Åkers Kanal, Trastsjön, Södersjön

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.

Fish species

Brown Trout


Utsätts oftast under hösten

Rainbow trout


Usätts året runt



Brook trout


Usätts inför vinterfiske





Österåkers Sportfiskeklubb

Logo Österåkers Sportfiskeklubb

Österåkers Sportfiskeklubb started its operations in 1943 and is today one of the country's larger fishing clubs / associations with almost 600 members.

The sport fishing club manages and supervises Österåker municipality's fishing waters but also other leased water areas. The waters include i.a. archipelago waters and Drängsjön, Trastsjön, Södersjön and the lower part of Åkers canal. In Drängsjön, put & take fishing for precious fish is conducted.

The club conducts fisheries management and fisheries supervision activities in the managed waters.

We have also been approved by the County Administrative Board of Stockholm County since 1996 to conduct fisheries inspection courses.

Organization number: 816400-1623

Customer number: 1011, Area: 993.

Contact persons

Joakim Jonsson
073 - 506 50 30

Jan Höglund
070 - 540 68 19


Files to download

Invasiva arter information

Fishing areas nearby Österåkers Sportfiskeklubb

Singö FVOF
Österåkers SFK Medlemsskap
Åkers Kanal, Trastsjön, Södersjön
Garnsvikens fvof
Ytterby 4: (Ytterby FVF i Vaxholms Kommun)

Affiliated fishing areas in Stockholms län
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