Gagnef-Mockfjärds FVOF



  Dalarnas län / Gagnef municipality.

Welcome to the scenic area around Gagnef-Mockfjärds FVOF.

The area has a very attractive sport fishing with both natural water and catch & release water.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.
 Children under 16 get fishing congratulations. Children who are family members of persons registered in church records in Gagnef or Mockfjärd parishes also have the right to issue a place card.

Gagnef-Mockfjärds FVOF

Organization number: 882601-5797

The association works for sustainable fishing for our and future generations.

In the fishery area there is a large variety of water with everything from exciting forage fishing for grayling and trout to fishing for old pike in both the quieter parts of the river and our countless lakes in the area, perch in fine size can be found in most waters and put-and-roof fishing for rainbow trout in some tarns and lakes.

If you want to fish carp you can also solve a special carp fishing card in Grånssjön and then have the chance of mountain and mirror carp of over 10 kg. Carp fishing is a patience-testing and very exciting fishing.

Customer number: 501, Area: 461.

Fishing areas nearby Gagnef-Mockfjärds FVOF

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Affiliated fishing areas in Dalarnas län
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