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Leksand Insjön

  Dalarnas län / Leksand municipality.


The area encompasses all lakes and streams in Leksand west of Österdalålven and the entire Åhls parish and Skvin-Histjärns water catchment area to Insjön, but not the Siljansnäs parish.

The area is a collaboration between 2000 fishermen and comprises 150 lakes and 200 smaller ponds with a total area of ​​6000 hectares.

In the area, for example, The main area , Intermediate, Snesen , Åskaken , Border , Oppejen , Ejen , Djursjön , Sången area , Flosjön , Molnbyggen , Styrsjön , Insjön and Österdalälven .

Maps - For more detailed information about our fishing area, there are Leksand municipality's leisure maps hiking trails as well as the Leksand municipality's great municipal maps to buy.

Close to - It is always close to fishing waters within the Leksand-Insjö fishing area. A number of expanded network of forest roads make it easy to get to most waters. For some reasons, certain roads may occasionally be suspended. Closed road gangs must be respected. You as a fisherman have a great responsibility when using these roads by not causing damage. If there is a risk that the road will be damaged during the operation, stop driving and take a walk instead. The more roads damaged will cause several to be shut down in the future. Respect this and use the roads with understanding.

Snowmobiling - For information on the rules and regulations contact Leksand Snowmobile Club and follow the Nature Conservation Agency's exclusive right. All snowmobiling on plowed roads is absolutely forbidden.

Slogbods and boat sites - When visiting the slogbods, it is important to pick up all the rubbish afterwards and bring home this, as well as to cook with understanding. It is absolutely forbidden to cut down trees in the woods for burning. At the boating sites, parking is required so other visitors can use the parking place and to park so that public traffic is not disturbed. Keep clean and tidy, leave the place you want to find it.

Fishing rules - Fishing rules are available on a separate sheet as these can be changed from year to year. This leaflet is available at the Fishing Card Ombudsman and on information boards at the fishing waters. For digital fishing cards on iFiske , the rules are always on www.iFiske.se and on the fishing license. See also the Leksand-Insjö's FVO website .
All water in this area requires fishing cards to be brought on and displayed on request.

Thinking about fishing - Nature is just for us and we should save a little for future generations. Thus, we can not behave anyway when we live there. Allemanrätten is a gift that is also required. To not fish to fill the freezer, just take the fish you eat for the day. In this way we get a more sustainable fishing for joy to many others. Our lakes are not an inexhaustible resource. Do not throw fish lines and garbage into the wild, our animals and birds are harmed by this.

Fishing licenses and information - Fishing licenses can also be solved with approximately 30 fishing license agents and on our website . For information, please contact our fishing license agent and fish supervisor on our website as well as information boards at the fishing waters.

 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please see the fishing area map, or contact Leksand Insjöns FVO.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

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Leksand Insjöns FVO

Leksand Insjöns FVO is a collaboration between 2000 fishing water owners and comprises 150 lakes and 200 smaller ponds with a total area of 6000 hectares.

Many of the area's members are engaged in the continuous fishery work. Fishing license representatives and fishing license buyers also contribute to a positive development of the area. If we help to follow given rules, both written and generally accepted, we will continue to have good and enjoyable fishing in our waters.

Have a nice fishing trip wish Leksand-Insjön fishing area!

Organization number: 883202-6978

Customer number: 214, Area: 174.

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Daniel Hedberg


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