Sfk Lilla Fiskelyckan


Nedre Rudasjön i Handen

  Stockholms län / Haninge municipality.

Nedre Rudasjön or Nedre Rudan, is a lake in Haninge municipality in Stockholm County which is part of the Tyresån's main catchment area.

The lake is beautifully located by Rudan's outdoor area, in Handen just south of Stockholm.
The area is easily accessible by both car and municipal transport.
The lake is 14 hectares in size and has a maximum depth of over ten meters.
There are good throwing opportunities around the whole lake, partly from land or from one of the seven piers.
For the fly fisherman who wants, it is allowed to fish from float, with bone power, to increase the fishing opportunities further.
There is a hiking trail around the entire lake that makes it easy to move from one side to the other.
The releases mostly consist of rainbow trout in the size 0.5 - 2.0 kg and during the late autumn we release rainbow trout over 4. kg and char for the winter fishing.
Thanks to the depth of the lake and several sources, it is possible to experience good fishing in the middle of summer. During the warm season, the fish are most active in the morning and evening.
Also note that the lake is a popular bathing lake, which means that it can be crowded on hot sunny days.
The lake is also nutritious and has an abundant insect life.
At the end of May, when the large Sjöstrand dragonflies hatch, you can experience a really delicious dry fly fishing.

 Fiskeområdet är tillgänglighetsanpassat. För mer information, se fiskeområdets karta där punkter är utmärkta eller kontakta Sfk Lilla Fiskelyckan.
 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.

Fish species

Rainbow trout




Common rudd








Sfk Lilla Fiskelyckan

The club has a Put & Take lake in Haninge and puts in about 3,000 kg of salmon-like fish per year. We are happy to accept school classes and companies for fishing, see the website for more information www.lillafiskelyckan.se

Organization number: 812400-8874

Customer number: 3141, Area: 3164.

Contact persons

Christer Jangarve

076 230 1643


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