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  Stockholms län / Stockholm and Huddinge municipality.

Lake Magelungen is located in Stockholm and Huddinge municipalities. It is most accessible from Farsta Strand and Farsta Gård, but can also be reached via Ågesta.

On the Farsta side, accessibility-adapted bridges for wheelchair users have been built. These stretch along the beach.

At the lake there is also a boat club and a rowing club with rowing lanes on the lake. There are plenty of parking spaces at Ågesta outdoor area and you can also get there by bus.

The lake is abundant with whitefish and perch. There are also stocks of zander and pike and the occasional carp. In collaboration with Stockholm municipality, we have planted pikeperch, but the stock is, despite this, quite small.

We also want to remind you that the Environmental Administration in both Huddinge and Stockholm municipalities advises against eating fish from the lake as it contains too high levels of Pfas/pfos. However, this does not apply to the crayfish, which do not absorb the poisons in their flesh.

 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please see the fishing area map, or contact Magelungens FVF.

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Magelungens FVF

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We are a non-profit association that has existed since 1937 with around 200 members.

The aim is to promote and improve recreational fishing and the environment. We have cleaned the lake and planted both fish and crayfish in collaboration with the municipality. In recent years, the main business has been about crayfish fishing.

In 2019, we started organizing a youth activity with a fishing school, holiday activities, etc. Among other things, we carry out so-called Class Draws so that entire school classes can come out and try it out. We do this in collaboration with Sportfiskarna. We also have a collaboration with Fryshuset and organize "Mother's Day fishing". For young people under the age of 18, fishing is free if you contact the association.

Organization number: 802503-1579

Customer number: 1141, Area: 1102.

Contact persons

Thomas Järnkrok

070 - 561 02 50


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