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  Skåne län and Kronobergs län / Älmhult and Osby municipality.

Örsjön-Lillasjön is a large and very beautiful, scenic forest lake on the border between Skåne and Småland with beautiful forest terrain around the entire lake.

The lake has many islands, several of which are larger, but also many sound, bays and a varying water depth with a rocky bottom. The maximum depth is 10.5 m and the average depth is 3.5 m. Area approx: 395 hectares and 24 islands. The quality of the water is very good and the lake's water quality is monitored continuously annually by the County Administrative Board.

There are a number of fishing piers around the lake and we also have boat rentals for those who are interested in going out on the lake. There are two boat berths by the lake, where you can launch the boat easily directly from a car trailer.

There are several opportunities to rent a boat around the lake, under the tab fishing license you will find more info about boat rental. There are also information boards around the lake, as well as a depth map of the lake.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

Örsjöns-Lillasjön FVOF

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Örsjöns-Lillasjön FVOF provides fishing care in these lakes.

The revenue we get from fishing license sales goes back to the lake in the form of fishery measures, planting of fish and the preparation of boat ramps etc.

Organization number: 802600-4914

Customer number: 82, Area: 45.

Contact persons

Krister Olofsson
0705 - 46 03 86

Benny Andersson
0706 - 48 63 40


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