Ottsjö FVOF


Ottsjön, Offsjön m fl vatten

  Jämtlands län / Åre municipality.

Ottsjö FVO is located in the middle of the Jämtland mountain world nestled between mountains, forests and lakes. Ottsjö FVO is located 25 km from Åre.

The area offers a variety of sport fishing in mountain and wilderness environments. From angling in smaller rivers and streams to fine fly fishing in flowing water. Ottsjön offers good fishing from a boat and fine char and trout fishing on the ice.

The following waters are found in the fisheries conservation area:
Ottsjön, Offsjön, Hustjärn, Järvtjärn, Storån, Sätterån, Skårrån

Char, trout, grayling and lake. Summer: Drag, spin, fly fishing and angling. Preferably from a boat but also from land. Winter: Pike fishing for char.

Char and trout. Summer: Spin or fly fishing from the beach. Winter: Pike fishing for char.
NOTE! Only the part that belongs to Ottsjö FVO. See map!

House iron
Trout. Summer only: Spin, fly fishing or angling from the beach.

Trout. Summer: Spin, fly fishing or angling from the beach. Winter: Pimple fishing allowed.

Trout, grayling and occasional char. Larger river, approx. 30 meters wide. All flowing water between Ottsjön and Håckren belonged to Ottsjö FVOF. (Fishing limit Håckren is mobile depending on the dam level.) Fishing in Storån is completely protected from the ice melt until 31 May. In addition, the catch is limited to 5 fish per day and fishermen. Summer: Fly or light spin fishing. Mask or baited hook not allowed. Fishing from boat prohibited. All flowing water in Storån belongs to Ottsjö fvof. Moving limit due to water regulation.

Trout and grayling. Small river, all flowing water. (Fishing limit The hookworm is mobile depending on the dam level.) Summer: Angling with a long rod, worm allowed. Fly and spin rod works in the lower part.

Trout. Small river. Small fish supply. Summer: Angling with long rod, worm allowed. Lower part not leased for fishing, reproduction area.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.
 Endast i sällskap med målsman/vuxen

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Our part of Vålån is completely protected for reproduction see map

Organization number: 892000-6619

Customer number: 791, Area: 751.

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Christer Rehn
0702 - 60 66 85


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