Övre Gla FVOF


Övre Gla/Buvattnet, Grännsjön mfl

  Värmlands län / Årjäng and Arvika Municipality.

Welcome to the Upper Gla fvof which covers Lake Upper Gla with surrounding lakes and ponds, a total of seven lakes and 32 fish ponds.

The area is mostly located within the Glaskogen Nature Reserve, see: www.glaskogen.se , between Årjäng and Arvika in Värmland.

The association was formed in 1944 and has since been promoting fish promotion measures, such as -fish farming - biotope care work - drainage barriers - laying out rice waxes, etc.

Calculation of the lakes and ponds of the area started during the 1970s and has been ongoing since then.

Information about lakes

  • Upper Gla / Buvattnet: 14 km2, depth 60 m. Pike, perch, trout, salmon, sik, siklo island, lake, eel, roach.
  • Grännsjön: 2 km2, deep 34 m. Perch, pike, lake, eel, roach.
  • Gladåker: 1 km2, deep 23 m. Perch, pike, roach, lake, eel.
  • Long term: 2 km2, depth 36 m. Perch, pike. Sik, sikloöja, roots.
  • Highlander: 1 km2, deep 35 m. Perch, pike, lake, whitefish, cyclone, roach.
  • Mjögsjön: 0,5 km2, deep 13 m. Perch, pike, lake, whitefish, rocks.

Benlöja is found in all lakes.

Special fishing license
In the area of ​​the area there are mainly perch besides Bergtjärn, Gunnarstjärn and Sundstjärn , where there is also trout, and in Körttjärn where there is char.
In order to fish in these rocks, a special goldfish card is required , which applies to the payment date from 00 - 24 (applies to all day passes).
In Bergtjärn, Gunnarstjärn and Sundstjärn are regularly put on trout, so-called put and take.
In Körttjärn there is an old rootstock.

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.

Fish species

















Org ID: 308, Area 270

Övre Gla FVOF

Övre Gla FVOFs syfte är att på ett hållbart sätt förvalta och utveckla en resurs, som även i framtiden ska komma till nytta för människor som vistas i vårt område.

Contact persons

Mats Gustafsson
0702 - 88 22 70


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Örsjöarna, Vasstjärnet och Svarttjärnet
Stora Gla m fl vatten
Yxesjöarna, Mjögesjöarna m fl vatten
Ränken, Buvattna mfl
Rinnen, Hålevattnet, Mossjön m fl vatten

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