Övre Gla FVOF


Övre Gla/Buvattnet, Grännsjön mfl

  Värmlands län / Årjäng and Arvika municipality.

Welcome to the Upper Gla FVOF, which includes the Lake Upper Gla with surrounding lakes and ponds, a total of seven lakes and 32 ponds with a fish body.

The area is largely located within the Glaskogen Nature Reserve see: www.glaskogen.se between Årjäng and Arvika iv: a Värmland.

The association was formed in 1944 and has since conducted fish-promoting measures, such as -fishing planting -biotop care work -collection of walking barriers - laying rice vases etc.

Liming of the area's lakes and ponds started in the 1970s and has been going on annually since then.

Information about lakes

  • Upper Gla / Buvattnet: 14 km2, depth 60 m. Pike, perch, trout, salmon, whitefish, sickle, lake, eel, roach.
  • Grännsjön: 2 km2, depth 34 m. Perch, pike, lake, eel, roach.
  • Glacier: 1 km2, depth 23 m. Perch, pike, roach, lake, eel.
  • Lelången: 2 km2, depth 36 m. Perch, pike. Sick, sickle, roach.
  • Mjögtvängen: 1 km2, depth 35 m. Perch, pike, lake, whitefish, whitefish, roach.
  • Lake Mjög: 0.5 km2, depth 13 m. Perch, pike, lake, whitefish, roach.

Bone mud is found in all lakes.

Especially fishing license
In the area's ponds there are mainly perch except Bergtjärn, Gunnarstjärn and Sundstjärn, where there is also trout, and in Körttjärn where there is char.
Fishing in these lakes requires a special fishing license, which applies to payment dates from 00 - 24 (applies to all daily cards).
In Bergtjärn, Gunnarstjärn and Sundstjärn there are regular trout so-called put and roof water.
In Körttjärn there is an old trout.

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

Fish species

















Övre Gla FVOF

Organization number: 874001-0395

Upper Gla FVOFs aim is to sustainably manage and develop a resource, which in the future will come in handy for people staying in our area.

Customer number: 308, Area: 270.

Contact persons

Mats Gustafsson
0702 - 88 22 70


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Fishing areas nearby Övre Gla FVOF

Älgsjön m fl tjärnar
Örsjöarna, Vasstjärnet och Svarttjärnet
Stora Gla m fl vatten
Yxesjöarna, Mjögesjöarna m fl vatten

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