Älgsjöns FVOF


Älgsjön m fl tjärnar

  Värmlands län / Arvika municipality.

The Elk Lake itself is very beautiful with islands and islets and a shimmering clear water that not only invites you to fishing, but also for a swim on a sunny summer day. If you are lucky, you will enjoy Lommen's melancholy smile. Several of our ponds are beautifully located and easily accessible.

In the lake Älgsjön there are several species represented, but most common are perch and pike with some single trout!

There are both perch and trout in Lilla Perborrtjärn and Big Perch.

In the small and solitary Flox there is trout.

In Norra Örtjärn it is only allowed to fish with fly rod, here there are both perch and trout, for this water is solved a special fishing license.

In other ponds, perch is mostly caught.

The following waters are found in the fishery area: Älgsjön, Lilla Perborrtjärn, Big Perch Iron, Floxen, Örtjärn, Norra Örtjärn, Långtjärn, German Lake, Home Iron, Trinntjärn and Åtjärn.

We have a fishing ban in all running water, and in some of these there is a notable stock of river pearl mussel, trout and river crayfish has now been reintroduced in Älgsjön and Älgån after a plague outbreak a few years ago.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 16.
 Children under 16 with keeper's valid fishing license.

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Brown Trout


Sällsynt i Älgsjön och lite oftare förekommande i några tjärn



Älgsjöns FVOF

Älgsjön's FVOF was formed in the mid-1980s and we work primarily with caring for and developing our fine waters.

We have a fishing ban in all running water and in some of these there is a distinguished stock of freshwater pearl mussels. The crayfish have now been reintroduced into Älgsjön and Älgån after a plague outbreak a few years ago. We strongly protect crayfish and urge everyone to be aware of the rules regarding how boats and gear are moved between different waters to prevent the plague from spreading. See information further down the page!

Organization number: 874002-0402

Customer number: 740, Area: 700.

Contact persons

Torbjörn Ericson
073 - 027 23 70


Fishing areas nearby Älgsjöns FVOF

Örsjöarna, Vasstjärnet och Svarttjärnet
Stora Gla m fl vatten
Övre Gla/Buvattnet, Grännsjön mfl
Nysockensjöns, Åmotsälven m fl vatten

Affiliated fishing areas in Värmlands län
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