Rörvattnet-Skogsjö FVOF

  • Rörvattnet-Skogsjö FVO

Rörvattnet, Lillkingen, Storkingen m fl vatten

  Jämtlands län / Krokom Municipality.
 We sell fishing permits valid in Rörvattnet-Skogsjö FVOF, but via the page of Hotagen. To get there, click here .

Rörvattnet-Skogsjö fvo is located in the borderland between mountains and forests, which creates an inspiring environment for fishing and other activities.

Rötviken / Rörvattnet is located 120 km north of Östersund after road 340 (Fiskevägen).

Fishing environment within Rörvattnet-Skogsjö fvo
Rörvattnet is located in the heart of Hotagen in northern Jämtland and serves a dramatic landscape with high mountains, wide forests, mountain pastures and rare plants. In the fishing area there is a varied range of fishing opportunities with easily accessible lakes, ponds and streams. The area offers, among other things, sea fishing in Rörvattnet, Lillkingen and Storkingen, current fishing in Ansättån and Grubbdalsån and a lot of fishing in ponds both in the forest land and near the mountains,


Rörvattnet-Skogsjö FVOF

Customer number: 3045, Area: 3050.  

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Affiliated fishing areas in Jämtlands län
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