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  Jämtlands län / Krokom Municipality.

The fishing road map, which gives you 13 km of fishing between Krokom and the Norwegian border , is a collaborative project between 9 fishing areas along the fishing route.

Here you can find rivers, rivers, streams, ponds and lakes - and everything on a fishing license. Here you can practice all types of fishing from meteor to fly fishing and here you can get all kinds of catches such as trout, char, pike, perch, grayling and whitefish. Here you will find everything from fine big-water water to water with fine stocks of perch and whitefish. Read more below or download our brochure Fiskevagenkortet 13 mil fishing

Fishery areas included are:

Granboforsen's FVO - regulated area in the Indalsälven downstream of Kattstrupeforsen .

Hissmofors FVO - river stretch in the Indals River from Storsjön's outlet and 3.5 km downstream.

Lower Langan FVO - Långan'm a 37 km long stretch between Country Ösjön and Indalsälven, beyond that also includes West and East Birch bark Sea.

Gysens FVO - lake system Gysen in forest landscape with lake Gysen and Gysån .

Åkersjöns FVO - Åkersjön and Åkerån with close to a mile of trout fishing.

Backwater FVO - Stora Backwater.

Rörvattnet-Skogsjö FVO - the area offers sea fishing in Rörvattnet , Lillkingen and Storkingen , stream fishing in Ansättån and Grubbdalsån as well as fishing in a number of lakes both in the forest land and near the mountains.

Valsjöns FVO - a varied fishery that geographically extends from Greater Foskvattnet in the east to Rengen in the west. The larger lakes are the Valsjön , Rengen, Stor-Foskvattnet and parts of the Hotagen as well as a number of larger lakes. There are also a number of ponds both in the woodland and near the mountains.

Gunnarvattnets FVO area offers sea fishing in Gunnarvattnet and Rörsjön , stream fishing in Gunnarvattsån and fishing in ponds at Hotagsfjällen.

 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please see the fishing area map, or contact Fiskevägenkortet, Krokom.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 17.

Fish species

Brown Trout












Fiskevägenkortet, Krokom

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13 miles fishing on one fishing license!

Fiskevägenkortet is a collaboration project between 9 fishing areas along the Fiskevägen, between Krokom and the Norwegian border. The purpose is to facilitate the fishing tourist so that it only needs a fishing license to be able to fish in many fishing areas along this stretch of road. Read more in our brochure Fiskevagenkortet 13 km fishing

As a fisherman you are obliged to follow the rules for sport fishing that apply in the area.
These can be downloaded here:

Rules for sport fishing 2020 (or collected where fishing licenses are sold in the countryside) .

Rules for sport fishing 2020

Customer number: 192, Area: 152.

Fishing areas nearby Fiskevägenkortet, Krokom

Lövsjöströmmen, Föllingesjön m fl vatten
Hotagsströmmen, Stora Kungsvattnet, Lilla Kungsvattnet mfl
Åkersjön Åkerån

Affiliated fishing areas in Jämtlands län
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