Saxån Braåns FVO


Saxån Braåns

  Skåne län / Landskrona and Svalöv municipality.

Fishing in Saxån with outflow in Lundåkrabukten flow variation according to SMHI coastal station Barsebäck which is then tidal influence of approximately 6.5 hour cycles in addition to the strongly varying flow and can occasionally be poor visibility depth.
Best fishing 1 hour after flow change outgoing current with milky visibility depth.
Zone 1. The estuary, the outermost headlands of the estuary to the motorway bridge 1 January - 31 March and 16 August - 30 November.
Zone 2 motorway bridge to plot of land is flooded GC bridge Axeltofta 1/1-30/11 Zone 3 Rullbonäs and Häljarp railway station 1/1-30/11. Zone 4 Ågatan 2 (Skåneleden) to Braån's tributary 1/1-30/11.
Zone 5 Saxån from Braån's inflow to marker boards on the southwest side and Braån Hembygsgården Asmundtorp-Reningsverket 1Jan-31 July.
Fishing licenses can be purchased at the following point of sale before the start of fishing.
Price 1/1-30/4 SEK 150 1/5-31/7 SEK 60 1/8-30/9 SEK 160 1/10-30/11 SEK 180.
Nyhamn Fishing & Marine tel. 0766 - 12 11 31
Bengt Rahm phone, 0708 - 76 35 28

Fish species









Sea trout




Saxån Braåns FVO

The Saxån-Braån fishing area association manages the fishing for common fishing right owners (property owners with mantal) when the fishing is not shifted at the time of the shift or later. This means that the fishery management association legally represents the voice of the fishing rights owners in matters where fishing is affected regardless of who is the property owner according to law 1973; 1150 and according to Lofo § 20 first paragraph. Special exemptions for fishing within the area are also claimed by the association.

Organization number: 844000-9796

Customer number: 3365, Area: 3425.

Contact persons

Bengt Rahm

0708 - 76 35 28


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