Höje å FVOF


Höje å

  Skåne län / Lomma, Lund and Staffanstorp municipality.

The fisheries management area extends from the Alberta mill to the coast and the Lomma outlet.
Three sections are allowed for general fishing with a fishing license.

The fishing lines
Lunda stretch: Malmövägen in Lund downstream to road 108 at Trolleberg.

The Kyrkhedding stretch: From old Dalbyvägen by the ice cream factory to the old railway bridge.

Lommastraken: From the railway bridge NW Habogård, including Habo dams, to the coast.

Other points of sale

Here you can also buy a fishing license for Höje å Fvo.
You can also pick up our Youth Card (Red card)

The fishing company
S. Esplanade 20
Phone 046-14 52 75

Fishing day
Eastern Hindbyv. 30
Phone 040-94 97 63

If you see something and want to report it, there is a telephone number for Supervisors under the heading Association on our website https://hojeafiske.se
For more information go to www.lansstyrelsen.se/skane
To get to the fishing page on the county board's website. Do this: Click on the animals and nature heading and then click on fishing

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 12.
 For fishing within the fisheries management area, a valid fishing license is required for everyone over 12 years of age. For youth under the age of 16, the red annual card applies. This card is free and can be collected from our other card vendors.

Fish species









Höje å FVOF

Organization number: 802529-4508

Customer number: 3297, Area: 3358.

Contact persons

Olle Nyman
0702 - 48 62 65


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Affiliated fishing areas in Skåne län
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