Kävlingeåns-Löddeåns FVOF

  Skåne län / Kävlinge, Lomma and Lund municipality.

Kävlinge- and Löddeån fvo manages a fishing area from its mouth in the Öresund and a 3-mile stretch up to L Harrie.

The main sections of the river consist of calm flowing parts with good environments for many species of fish and have a very species-rich fish fauna with up to 28 different species. In the lower parts of the river there are large stocks of perch and pike. Annually, pike between 15 and 20 kg are caught.
On the more flowing parts of the river and in the estuary area, sea trout are caught, mainly in early spring, January to April.
Along the river there is a row of old watermills, which consist of thresholds and dams that can be an obstacle to the migration of fish in the river.
Several fishways have been built to facilitate the migration of the fish.
During the last 30-year period, water quality has improved significantly, which has resulted in more favorable conditions for many fish species.
One species that has clearly increased in numbers is the sea trout.

 This area has one or more fishing spots available for disabled. For more information, please see the fishing area map, or contact Kävlingeåns-Löddeåns FVOF.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 16.

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Kävlingeåns-Löddeåns FVOF

Fishing rights in the Scanian rivers belong, with certain exceptions, to the agricultural properties in the parishes along the river. That e.g. allowing fishing in the river then requires that all fishing right owners agree to this. Likewise, it is difficult for individual fishing rights owners to carry out fisheries conservation measures in the river.

Since the Kävlingeån-Löddeån is a well-known and fish-rich watercourse, it is also an attractive fishing water for an increasing number of recreational fishermen. When it became increasingly important to create a joint management of the fishing in the river, in the mid-1980s, mainly on the initiative of Kävlinge municipality, the question of the formation of a fisheries management area was raised.

The Kävlingeåns-Löddeåns Fishing Management Area was formed on March 20, 1990. The area consists of all water in the river's main course from the mouth to the Lilla Harries parish border and all fishing right owners within the area are members of the association.

The members are called to an annual fishing meeting where, among other things, makes decisions on fishing rules, fishing management and prices for fishing licenses. A board is also appointed whose task is to manage the day-to-day work. All members have thus handed over the management of the fishing in the area to the association.

In the association's statutes, i.a. that fishing should be made available to the public, which is done through the sale of fishing licenses. Furthermore, it is stipulated that all returns brought in by this sale must be used for fisheries management, supervision or other measures that benefit fishing.

Organization number: 846004-9565

Customer number: 838, Area: 798.

Contact persons

Mats Hansson


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