Serarpssjöns FVO



  Jönköpings län / Vetlanda municipality.

We are part of Emån's water system that flows into Mörrum. Serarpasjön is a fairly typical "Höglandssjö", nutrient-poor that is still limed. The lake is about 200 hectares and quite deep, up to 25 meters on sonar.

At the lake nest, among others, Osprey and Lom. Both large perch and large pike are caught here repeatedly. In addition to these two species, there are roach, bream, tench, vendace, medium whitefish, lake. Stensimpa and Ål have been reported before. Pikeperch and Signal Cancer have been implanted.

The vegetation in the lake is sparse. Water lilies dominate, followed by reeds and cattails.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

Serarpssjöns FVO

We are an FVO with about 10 active members. Annual meeting is held once a year in February or March.

Organization number: 802600-9764

Customer number: 385, Area: 346.

Contact persons

Göran Berglund
0763 - 07 77 70


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