Solbergsbygdens FVO



  Västernorrlands län / Örnsköldsvik municipality.

In the sunny mountain scenery, beautiful and scenic fishing waters in westernernorrland, you can fish for trout, char and harry. In most of our waters we also have a very nice fishing for pike and perch, and in some places also rainbow and brook roots. In several fishing lakes there are wind protection, toilets and fireplaces. In Valmsjön there are trout cuts and in Finnsjön rainbows occur.

In the area you can fish perch and pike in Svarttopptjärnarna, Gafselesjön, Stugusjön, Åelsjön, Tällsjön, Djupsjön, Åbosjön, Mjölksjön and Byxsjön.

In the Redwater lakes perch, trout, char.

In Niptjärn there are perch and trout and in the Tvärmyrtjärnarna only perch.

Northern Anundsjöån, Åbosjöån, Solbergsån, Pengsjöån, there are harr, trout, pike.

In Svarttoppbäcken, Nipbäcken, Rødvattenbäcken you catch trout and in Gräsbäcken also brook roots.

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.

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Solbergsbygdens FVO

Organization number: 889601-1577

Located in Örnsköldsvik Municipality in Western Norway. Solberg's fishing area is 9 miles west of Örnsköldsvik. From E 4 you turn off at Överhörnäs, 9 km south of Örnsköldsvik. You go to Åsele, road 348 to Solberg. In Solberg there is a holiday village where you can hire a cabin, Arnes stugby 0661-50246. In Solberg there is also a shop, petrol station and café.

Customer number: 84, Area: 47.

Contact persons

Rune Forstin
070 - 359 18 90

Åke Forsberg
072- 4417694


Fishing areas nearby Solbergsbygdens FVO


Lillsjön, Myckelgensjösjön, Torrvattnet, Hällvattnet mfl
Åvattnet, Bågasjön, Skalmsjösjön och Södra Anundsjöån.
Ångermanälven, Hällbymagasinet, Hedvattensjöarna m fl vatten
Rödvattenssjön, Västervattnet m fl vatten
Ångermanälven, Sämsjön, Hällbymagasinet mfl

Affiliated fishing areas in Västernorrlands län
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