Lövsjöarnas FVO


Stora Lövsjön, Gärdsjön m fl sjöar

  Västra Götalands län / Lerum municipality.

The area consists of about ten forest lakes and ponds in northeast Vättlefjäll where perch is the dominant species.

The area's largest lake is Stora Lövsjön at approx. 84 acres. The lake has a fine perch population with large perch for the area. The area also has a self-reproducing stock of trout. The fishing license applies, except in Stora Lövsjön and Gärdsjön in the following lakes and lakes:
Lake Hagasjön, Hålltjärn, Gettjärn, Lilla Gettjärn, Norra Kroksjön, Trytjärnarna and Tåsjön (see map).

The area also has a very rich wildlife with, among other things, many bird species and almost legendary insect hatches to keep track of the fly fisherman.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 17.
 Can fish without a license, but must accompany the provisions that apply to the fishing license in general.

Fish species



Minimimått 20cm



Fönsteruttag 45-80 cm



Endast Stora Lövsjön

Brown Trout


Minimimått 45 cm

Lövsjöarnas FVO

Organization number: 857209-3279

The Lövsjöarna Fisheries Conservation Area Association (LFVO) manages the fishing rights within the Lövsjöarna fishery area. The association consists of all fishing rights owners in the area and manages the fishing in about ten lakes, ponds and streams. The association grants certain rights to the public to fish in some of the area's lakes and lakes through fishing licenses.

On behalf of the Association of the Lövsjöarna Fisheries Conservation Area, Gråbo Sportfiske og Fiskevårdsförening (Gråbo SFF) administers fishing license sales and fishing supervision in the area.

Customer number: 1177, Area: 1138.

Contact persons

Alf Hansson (Lövsjöarnas fiskevårdsområdesförening):

Christopher Nävås (Gråbo Sportfiske och Fiskevårdsförening):

073 - 030 63 09


Fishing areas nearby Lövsjöarnas FVO

Lilla Lövsjön
Abborresjön, Böljesjön, Ottersjön, Stora Kroksjön
Mollsjön, Lommekärr, Trolltjärn mfl
Stora och Lilla Ramsjön

Affiliated fishing areas in Västra Götalands län
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