Frog fishing Overview

Frog fishing

Surface grazing that looks like a frog.

The Basics

When the water lilies are on the water surface, it is possible to experience an incredible pike fishing with surface fishing with a frog. With a frog bait, you fish straight through a water lily belt without getting caught.

Fishing with e.g. Hollow Body Frog (a rubber frog that is hollow, when the fish attacks the frog, the rubber body is compressed and the hooks on the back are exposed) is a type of surface fishing.

Even if it is a simple surface bait, there are some details that may be worth thinking about to increase the cut and above all the catch frequency.


Once you have thrown out, you have the option of fishing in the frog by cranking in at a steady pace, this you can vary with the crank stop to create a more natural movement pattern for the frog. Another technique is to combine small crank stops with the rod tip which gives the frog a stronger speed movement and thus also a more marked stuffing: something which in turn creates small waves in front of the frog and gives the rods at the back of the frog the natural movement of the frog's leg kicks . Then, of course, there are countless techniques.

Sluggish fishing
If the fishing should be sluggish with the frog, you can increase your chances by squeezing the body and filling it with a little water to be able to fish it below the surface.

The water will make the frog significantly heavier, so be careful that it has not become too heavy for your rod, in which case correct the amount of water in the frog. When you now throw out and work methodically in the way you read in the paragraphs above, the frog will make even more marked movements and create stronger "vibrations" in the water - something that can attract the fish to bite.

Tips on Counterattack
As you all know, there are as many tips as there are fishermen.
With surface bites, in general, wait one or two seconds before making a counterattack. However, you should not wait too long so the fish has time to swallow properly.
The frogs should preferably be as soft as possible, this makes it easier to hook as the pike can more easily press down the frog body.

If the pike only follows the frog, spin stops and small jerks can do the trick.
The counterattack is really super important when surface fishing ... but it's not easy to be cold and wait for that second when the water surface has just exploded.

Chasing Perch with frog?
In fact, the Hollow Body Frog is designed for American Bass fishing and is thus optimally suited for our perch fishing as well.

The problem when fishing for perch is that, unlike pike, they usually take the bait from behind and on Hollow Body Frog we find the overhanging rods that represent frog legs. This means that many perch bites are lost by only nibbling and trying to insert the rods and not the frog body itself.


These baits are fished with everything from UL rods (Ultra Light) to ordinary spinning rods with up to 35 grams casting weight. There are also special rods for this type of fishing.

Advanced tips

A tip that gives significantly better results is to cut off about 70% of the rods, which means that the perch now chops where it should and not elsewhere.
And of course you have to use a frog that is adapted for the Perch.

Tip: You can bend out the hooks to increase the chance of catching.


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