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  Värmlands län / Arvika Municipality.

Lake Värmeln is one of the larger lakes in Värmland and extends from Highway 61 in the north of the beautiful Brunskog parish and down Värmskog and down to Borgvik in the south.

As a guest of our lake you can have a wonderful fishing experience. The lake offers a rich fishing of most of the inland ice skis - not least "big-tail". You can also catch gusts and with a little luck or skill the nice heat intake.

In order to improve the playgrounds of the original lakes, continuous restoration work has taken place in several of the lake's lakes. This work has given a very good play result for many years. During the past year, extensive rehabilitation of the bottom environment in Slorøssälven has also taken place. The aim is to improve the trout producing ability of the river and thus also ensure the life conditions of pearl sparrows.

In support of the natural strain of gases present in Värmeln, a total of 48,000 göngelngel has been planted for a total cost of approximately SEK 165,000 over the past 20 years. The association also works continuously with building vases, taking water samples and test fishing. Right now we are at the beginning of a long-term project together with the Forshag Academy - Sportfiskegymnasiet. The aim is to strengthen the long term stock of the lake Värmeln by stimulating natural production. It will primarily be through a powerful investment in fry vases.

Boat - If you do not have your own boat, we have a Linder 440 Fishing for rent at Berga.
It can be booked at Per-Erik Sjökvist 070 - 231 58 72.

Home cards are available and can only be purchased by people who are registered at home and entitled to fish in the home water with all types of legal equipment. (Edane Hemman exception).
These are only sold by the board.

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Norra Värmelns FVOF

Northern Värmelns Fiskevårdsområde Association was established in 1991 and is based in Brunskog.

The fishery area covers the fishing in Northern Värmeln (the part located in the municipality of Arvika) and two smaller ponds - Ingersbytjärnet and Yppersbytjärnet and watercourses within the demarcated area. (See map.)

The purpose of the association and its main task is to promote and engage in fishing, ie to develop and improve fishing and its conditions.

For many years there has been close cooperation with Södra Värmelns FVOF. This has resulted in the coordination of rules and fishing card prices, and that the respective fishing cards also apply throughout the lake Värmeln.

Contact persons

Per-Erik Sjökvist, ordförande:
070 - 231 58 72

Karl-Erik Granqvist, kassör:
070 - 601 55 02

Robert Sjöberg, sekr:
070 - 556 78 55


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