Bräkentorpasjöns FVO

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  Kronobergs län / Ljungby Municipality.

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 Prästebodaån norra

 Prästebodaån södra

 Vacation cottages

 Rydaholm, Sweden with lake view

 Traryd, Sweden with panoramic views and boat

 Ljungby, Sweden

 Älmhult, Sweden

 Bolmsö, Sweden

 Unnaryd, Sweden

 Hamneda/Älmhult, Sweden with boat

 Ryssby, Sweden with boat

 Finnhult/Agunnaryd, Sweden

 Dörarp, Sweden with boat

Fishing areas nearby Bräkentorpasjöns FVO

Lagan-Skålåns FVO
Stensjön och Agunnarydsjön
Ryssbysjön (Ljungby)
Gustavsfors & Delary Dammsjö.

Affiliated fishing areas in Kronobergs län
 NOTE - Map areas shown at iFiske are approximate estimates of the reality. For accurate maps and boundaries, contact the local county administration or the management of the fishing association.
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