Gafsele FVO


Ångermanälven, Sämsjön, Hällbymagasinet mfl

  Västerbottens län / Åsele Municipality.

Gafsele FVO offers very good fishing for above all pike, perch and whitefish. In Ångermanälven and the Björksele part of Hällbymagasinet there is an affluence of really big pike and perch. The other waters offer the kinds of fish mentioned above as well as grayling, trout and char. In Stenholmstjärn there is trout, in Kebbestjärn trout and char.

Boat is recommended for fishing in Ångermanälven and the Björksele part of Hällbymagasinet. There is good accessibility in the area, roads and paths. Close to the waters there are parking facilities, fireplaces and boats. You find information boards at the resting spots and at Gafselegården.


For further information look at Kontaktuppgifter below.

The fishing card includes the  Björksele part of Hällbymagasinet.

Gafsele FVO works for durable fishing in our generation and generations to come.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15. (Special rules or exceptions may apply, Read more...)

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Org ID: 1040, Area 1003

Gafsele FVO

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Welcome to Gafsele Fishery Area!

Located about 20 km south of Åsele town. It includes Ångermanälven, Sämsjön and a part of Hällbymagasinet. Furthermore, a larger number of lakes and ponds are included. The fishing license also includes Björkseles part of Hällbymagasinet.

For fishing in the Ångermanälven and Hällbymagasinet boat is recommended. The fishing area has 7 modern Persson boats for hire. You also have the opportunity to borrow boat trailers for free if you want to fish in any special place in the area

Gafseles FVO works for sustainable fishing for our and future generations.

Contact persons

Mats Ottosson:
070 - 214 82 65

Gösta Paulsson:
070 - 395 67 92

Lappland Pro Natur 073 - 822 94 82
Mats Ottosson 070 - 214 82 65
Gösta Paulsson Gafsele 070 - 395 67 92

Lappland Pro Natur 073 - 822 94 82
Mats Ottosson 070 - 214 82 65
Gösta Paulsson Gafsele 070 - 395 67 92


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