Björksele FVO


Hällbymagasinet, Stenbittjärn, Abborrtjärn m fl vatten

  Västerbottens län / Åsele Municipality.

All water within Björksele FVO: part of Hällby magazine, Croktjärn, Perch iron, Stenbittjärn, Östra Kortingvattnet, Västra Kortingvattnet, Valmvattnet, Kultran.

Pike, roach, grafted trout (a little). Wind shelter 150m from forest road. Beautiful beaches, occasional trout may be left from previous releases.

Implanted trout in rounds, rainbow (2013) perch in daisies. 3 Ha. Wind shelter 400m from forest road. Partially clear beaches, occasional rainbows from previous releases can still be found. Trout and perch dominate. Easily kill all the caught perch as the stock is of a thousand-crested character. The earrings in the pond grow relatively slowly and rarely reach weights over 1kg. Scenic and soothing nature at the lake. Maybe you can see the osprey nesting nearby?

Natural and implanted trout every other year, preferably as 1 year old fish. 15 Ha. Windbreaks. Mostly sandy beaches that are well suited for back throws with fly rod! Very high quality, relatively good growth and average size of the trout. Fishing can sometimes be demanding with careful and selective fish. Visitors are encouraged to pay special attention to fishing in the lake to preserve the fine fishing that prevails. Bring mosquito repellent!

Östra Kortingvattnet (Baltic Sea)
Natural trout and daisy stock of perch. 69 Ha. Windbreaks. Mostly solid beaches. Traditionally, the eastern side of the lake is considered best for trout fishing. The trout (characteristic bronze colored) in the pond can grow really large and historically individuals were caught up to 3kg. Easily kill all the caught perch as the stock is of a thousand-crested character.

West Kortingvattnet (Lake Åkerberg)
Pike, perch, roach. 63 Ha. Mostly solid beaches. In the lake there is fine perch / pike fishing and especially the perch can grow really big.

Pike, perch, roach. Wind protection at Sandholmen. Good perch and pike fishing. Rarely were the largest individuals caught in the lake but the quality of the fish is very good!

Kultran (small stream)
3 rapids. Pike and perch. Trout and grayling are planted in rounds, preferably as swimming-ready fry and one-year-old fish. Nice little stream with winding character and some shorter rapids. The stock of trout and grayling is weak so do not expect any major catches of these species. The perch fishing in deeper shells and below the rapids can be really good with nice catches! Maybe you'll see one of the many beavers in the river?

Hällby Magazine
Pike, perch, roach, whitefish, and some grafted trout. 263 Ha. Rest area, barbecue, boating, windshield, swimming area. Dammed part of the Ångerman River that houses very good fishing for perch and pike. Björksele's part of Hällby magazine is considered to be one of the better places for really coarse perch. However, they can be difficult to find in the large areas that prevail. One tip is to fish close to the "floating tufts" available. Every year, individuals land over 1.5kg!

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.

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Org ID: 1151, Area 1112

Björksele FVO

Björksele FVO grundades 1992 och förvaltar fisket inom fiskevårdsområdet som till en del består av Hällbymagasinet samt ett antal tjärnar kring Björksele by.

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Svante Sjölund:

070 - 266 56 25


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