Björksele FVO (Åsele)

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Hällbymagasinet, Stenbittjärn, Abborrtjärn m fl vatten

  Västerbottens län / Åsele municipality.

All waters within Björksele FVO: part of Hällbymagasinet, Kroktjärn, Abborrtjärn, Stenbittjärn, Östra Kortingvattnet, Västra Kortingvattnet, Valmvattnet and Kultran with flowing streams.

Hook iron
Pike, roach and implanted trout (a little). Windbreak 150m from forest road. Swampy beaches, occasional trout may remain from previous releases.

Perch lake
Implanted trout in batches, rainbow (2013) and perch in millipede stocks. 3 Ha. Windbreak 400m from forest road. Partly swampy beaches, occasional rainbows from previous releases may still remain. Trout and perch dominate. Feel free to kill all smaller (<20cm) caught perch as the stock is of a thousand-brother nature. The trout in the pond grow relatively slowly and rarely reach weights over 1 kg. Scenic and soothing character by the pond. Maybe you can see the osprey nesting nearby?

Catfish iron
Separate fishing license, only day license sold to NONE fishing right holders / property owners within FVO . Natural and implanted trout every other year, preferably as a 1-year-old fish. 15 Ha. Wind protection. Mostly swampy beaches that are well suited for back-throwing with a fly rod! Very high quality, relatively good growth and medium size of trout. Fishing can be demanding at times with careful and selective fishing. Visitors are encouraged to show special consideration when fishing in the pond in order to preserve the fine fishing that prevails. Bring mosquito repellent!

Östra Kortingvattnet (Ystersjön)
Natural trout and perch stock of perch. 69 Ha. Wind protection. Mostly fixed beaches. Traditionally, the eastern side of the lake is considered best for trout fishing. The trout (characteristically bronze-colored) in the pond can grow really large and historically individuals were caught up to 3kg. Feel free to kill all smaller (<20cm) caught perch as the stock is of a thousand-brother nature.

Västra Kortingvattnet (Åkerbergsjön)
Pike, perch, roach. 63 Ha. Mostly fixed beaches. In the lake there is fine perch / pike fishing and especially the perch can grow really big.

Pike, perch, roach. Wind protection on Sandholmen. Good perch and pike fishing. Rarely were the largest individuals caught in the lake but the quality of the fish is very good!

Kultran (small river)
3 rapids. Pike and perch. Trout and grayling planted in batches preferably as ready-to-swim fry and annual fish. Weak natural residual stock of trout is found. Nice small river with a winding character and a few shorter rapids. The stock of trout and grayling is weak, so do not count on any major catches of these species. Perch fishing in deeper covers and below the rapids can be really good with nice catches! Maybe you will see one of the river's many beavers?

Pike, perch, roach, whitefish, and some implanted trout. 263 Ha. Rest area, barbecue, boat placement, windbreak, swimming area. Dammed part of Ångermanälven which houses very good fishing for perch and pike. Björksele's part of Hällbymagasinet is considered to be one of the better places for really coarse perch. Nevertheless, they can be difficult to find in the large areas that prevail. A tip is to fish near the "floating tufts" that exist. Every year, individuals over 1.5 kg are landed! Good and arranged fishing for families with children is available at the swimming area.

Grabboksjöbäcken m.fl. inflowing streams to Kultran
Smaller tributaries to Kultran, all of which hold stationary stocks of trout. In Grabboksjöbäcken, the trout population is abundant and dense, but small in size with a few specimens larger than 2 hg.

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Björksele FVO (Åsele)

Björksele FVO was founded in 1992 and manages the fishing in the fish conservation area, which partly consists of Hällby magazine and a number of ponds around Björksele village.

Organization number: 896100-5926

Customer number: 1151, Area: 1112.

Contact persons

Svante Sjölund

070 - 266 56 25

Daniel Holmqvist

070-608 45 40


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