Bengtsfors FVOF


Bengtsfors Kommunfiskekort

  Västra Götalands län / Bengtsfors Municipality.

A common fishing license for the following fishing areas in Bengtsfors municipality:
Askesjö FVO, Ärtingens FVO, Granns FVO, Ivägs FVO, Limmens FVO, Västra Solsjöns FVO, Östra Solsjöns FVO, Svärdlångs FVO, Stenebyälvens FVO, Kesnacksälven's FVO, Fillingsjöns FVO, Bengtsbrohöijens FVO and Råvarp FVO .

Bengtsfors is a sea-rich municipality with 399 lakes in over one hectare, which gives a total of 13,400 hectares of water - an area that covers a total of 13 percent of the municipality's total area. All fishing rights within the municipality's water areas are individual. Fishing in these waters may be conducted only by the owner of the fishing right. Fishing for the public may therefore only take place in the waters for which fishing licenses are sold.

Bengtsfors Municipal Fisheries Card gives you access to all these 13 fine fishing areas.


Org ID: 1112, Area 1073

Bengtsfors FVOF

13 Fiskevårdsområden i Bengtsfors kommun som bildat föreningen och produkten Bengtsfors Kommunfiskekort.

Contact persons

Bengtsfors Turistbyrå:

+46 531 52 63 55


Fishing areas nearby Bengtsfors FVOF

Lysetjärn, Stortjärn och Hagtjärn
Laxsjön, Långbrohöljen
Ivägs FVOF

Affiliated fishing areas in Västra Götalands län
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