Bengtsforsortens Fiskevårdsklubb


Lysetjärn, Stortjärn och Hagtjärn

  Västra Götalands län / Bengtsfors Municipality.

Bengtsforsortens Fiskevårdsklubb nurtures fishing in three small "beads" in the northern part of Dalsland in Bengtfors municipality. In our waters you can catch trout, char and rainbow trout. The three pond offers you a varied fishing that suits all ages and practitioners.

NOTE! NOTE! - No fish has been planted out in 2019 but there is still fish in Lysetjärn - NOTE! NOTE!

Light iron - only spin and fly
Light iron is beautifully situated east of Bengtsfors between the lakes Lelången and Svärdlången. You can reach the tar via blue footpath from Majbergsdal or by car. Two kilometers north of Bengtsfors on road 172 is a sign showing the way.

In the tar there is a fine stock of trout. We put out both small ears that grow to themselves and larger fish. Also rainbow trousers are put out in varying sizes. In the tar there is also a strain of self-reproducing char. A path leads around the entire tar so it is easy to find the various fishing spots.

At the southern end of the lake is our clubhouse which can be used freely by members and those who have solved the day / weekly card. What matters is that the cottage is left in the condition that you wish to find it.

Large iron - spin, fly and angling
Stortjärn is located 7 km north of Bengtsfors on Route 172. It is the first tar on the left side of the road when you come from the south.

Trout implanted for many years. Smaller fish in Stortjärn than in Lysetjärn. Around the tar there are good opportunities for fishing both from land and at wading, as there are good bottom conditions.

At the western shore of the tarn there is a shelter that can be used for overnight and rest.

Hawthorn - spin, fly and angling
Hagtjärn is a deep sprick valley lake located 2 km northeast of Bengtsfors. A road sign at road 172 shows you the right path. Take off at the sign Lysetjärn Tjärnet is then located on the left side of the road on the way towards Lysetjärn.

In the tar there are perch and ruda. It is not uncommon for perch with a catch weight of over kilograms. If you want to try ruda, corn is the safest bait.

The western beach of Tjärnet is steep so it is not child-friendly.

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.
 The area includes one or more fishing areas for catch-and-release, i.e the fishes are gently put back into the water alive.

Fish species



Vanlig i alla tre tjärnen

Rainbow trout


Ingen fisk inplanterad 2019!

Brown Trout


Endast i Lysetjärn och Stortjärn. Ej i Hagtjärn



Endast i Lysetjärn och Stortjärn. Ej i Hagtjärn

Org ID: 286, Area 247

Bengtsforsortens Fiskevårdsklubb


OBS! OBS! -  Ingen fisk har planterats ut 2019 men det finns fortsatt fisk i Lysetjärn - OBS! OBS!

Bengtsforsortens Fiskevårdsklubb vårdar fisket i tre små "pärlor" i norra delen av Dalsland i Bengtfors kommun. I våra vatten kan du fånga öring, röding och regnbåge. 

Contact persons

Ulf Godtman:
070 - 330 16 16

Daniel Larsson:
070 - 314 57 56


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