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Borgärdesströmmen, Aven samt delar av Seckan.

  Dalarnas län / Falun municipality.

Welcome to Svärdsjö!

At Svärdsjön's outlet along road 880 towards Lumsheden, Borgärdesströmmen begins. With its current outlet which then divides itself into several branches on its way down to the calm water at Aven, Borgärdesströmmen forms a very unusual area for Dalarna. Through the power station in Svärdsjö, the watercourse then opens into the lake Seckan.

The area is in close proximity to central Svärdsjö where there is access to shops, food places, pharmacies etc. If you do not have access to a car, you can reach central parts of our fishing waters via public transport (bus) and a walk of 500 - 600 m.

The area is divided into two fishing areas, which are described below.

Fly fishing in the Borgarde stream (Area 1 = blue color on the map):
Area 1 extends from the Lumshedsbron at Svärdsjön's outlet down to marked borders in Aven (see map).

In this area, fishing can only be done with fly rod and barbed-free hooks. Within area 1, a limited number of day cards can be redeemed per day during the period from 1 June to 31 August (for other times, members apply). For grayling, trout and other salmon fish, " No kill " applies, which means that all fish of these species should be returned. For all fishing in this area , barbed-free (or pinched) hooks should be used.

Aven - Seckan (Area 2 = purple color on the map):
Area 2 extends from marked boundaries in Aven down to the shift border towards Boda in Lake Seckan (see map).

Fishing in this area may be carried out with hand tools (1 gear / person) and / or with a maximum of 12 angeldons / cards. Fishing may be conducted from 1 January to 31 December. For grayling, trout and other salmon fish, " No kill " applies, which means that all fish of these species should be returned. It is desirable to use a non-barbed hook.

 The area includes one or more fishing areas for catch-and-release, i.e the fishes are gently put back into the water alive.

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Borgärdets Sportfiskeklubb

Logo Borgärdets Sportfiskeklubb

Borgärdet's Sport Fishing Club was founded in 1950 and offers fishing in Borgärdesströmmen, Aven and parts of Seckan in Svärdsjö. The area includes the watercourse from Svärdsjön's outlet at Lumshedsbron down to the parcel boundary towards Boda in Lake Seckan. In parts of the area, only fly rod fishing is allowed. Fishing is offered for members as well as other persons who have released separate cards in accordance with current regulations.

More information about Borgärdet's Sport Fishing Club on our website: .

The association offers membership for "Seniors" and "Juniors".
The number of senior members is limited, which can lead to not everyone being able to be offered a place at once.
When there are more people who want to become members than there are places, we apply the principle "first come, first served"
which means that it is the registration date that determines the order in which membership is offered.
For " Juniors " (even the year you turn 19) there is currently no limit on the number of members.

Seniors pay a membership fee of SEK 500 / year in addition to an entrance fee of SEK 200 (one-time fee).
The membership fee for Juniors is SEK 100 / year.

More information:
More information about membership, rules and registration of interest can be found on the club's website: .

Organization number: 883201-8124

Customer number: 1138, Area: 1100.

Contact persons

Medlemskap, fiskekort m.m.
Magnus Berggren

070-288 26 70

Föreningen m.m.
Anders Krüger

070-239 22 45


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