Ryggens FVOF


Ryggen, Fäbodsjön m fl sjöar

  Dalarnas län / Falun and Säter municipality.

East of Falun on the way to Hofors, you will find Ryggen's fishery conservation area. The area consists of 9 lakes and a number of smaller ponds located at 200 meters above sea level. Continuous introduction of trout takes place in Ryggensjön and Fäbodsjön as well as char in Ålängen, Ryggensjön and Fäbodsjön.

If you are looking for wilderness, silence, lakes with crystal clear water, the area is definitely worth a visit. Who knows, maybe you'll catch the dream fish, it's here!

A warm welcome to Ryggens Fiskevårdsområde!

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14.

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Ryggens FVOF

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RFVOF was formed in 1998.

After many and lengthy discussions between the municipalities in the area, Falun, Hedemora and Säter, a fisheries rights investigation started in the mid-90s. The Land Survey found over 700 fishermen's owners in the intended area.

From the county administrative board it was natural to ask it for many years now, working, Ryggens fishery conservation association, for participation in planning and investigative work. The working name during the investigation was also RFVOF.

Why was the area formed?

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency had an assignment from the government to work to ensure that all waters where fishing can be exercised should be accessible to the public. The assignment included dividing the country via the county administrative boards into smaller units - Fishery Conservation Areas - where fishery owners through area boards can freely decide how to fish.

As a basis for statutes for the area associations, some of the county administrative boards formulate paragraphs. These paragraphs are generally valid for the entire country. In addition, the associations are given a great deal of room to decide for themselves other statutes. There is a requirement that the area association must provide and sell fishing licenses to fishermen, local residents and the general public. The association must have persons who can supervise compliance with the association's decision on fishing activities.

Revenue from fishing license sales goes back in time to improvements for fishing operations.

Organization number: 883202-5038

Customer number: 1041, Area: 1004.

Contact persons

Lars Samuelsson
070 - 678 58 21

Mats O Morell
070 - 535 55 41


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Affiliated fishing areas in Dalarnas län
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