Borka Byalags SFF


Borka Byalag

  Västerbottens län / Storuman and Vilhelmina municipality.

Borkan's community association leases fishing on Borkan 420 ha, lower Fättjaur 80 ha and upper Fättjaur 180 ha.
The lakes harbor char, trout and in the flowing parts also grayling.
There are plenty of small trout in the lakes, but it is also possible to catch the occasional larger trout.
Lake Borkasjön is very deep, as much as 62 meters.
At the top of the lake it is shallower and the chance of catching a lot of fish is good.

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Borka Byalags SFF

Organization number: 716415-5314

Customer number: 3295, Area: 3356.

Contact persons

Conny Lundqvist
0730 - 35 24 05


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