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  • Gaskaliteforsen, Kultsjöån FVO
  • Litsjöforsen
  • Kultsjöån's FVO
  • Litsjöforsen, Kultsjöån FVO
  • trout
  • Vuollelite


  Västerbottens län / Vilhelmina municipality.

Roadside noble fishing! Kultsjöån is nicely situated along the Vildmarksvägen in Lapland.

30 km long stretch of river at an altitude of over 200 meters attracts exciting and varied fishing at numerous waterfalls, rapids, streams, lakes/seals, calm waters and pools in summer and winter.

The Kultsjöån belongs to the source flows of the Ångermanälven, which begins its course up among the mountains on the Norwegian side. The watercourse winds its way down through Ransarn, Gikasjön and Kultsjön before it reaches Kulsjöån's FVO. Here it continues past places such as Trappstegforsen, Långselet, Bieliteforsen, Bielite, Gaskelite, Vuollelite, Litsjöforsen, Hällforsen, Harrforsen, Dimforsen, Metselet, Krokforsen and out into lake Malgomaj.

  • Kultsjöån's FVO also offers fishing in a number of ponds on both sides of the river stretch (see map)

  • You can find our old regular website via this link: Kultsjöåns Fvo

The wilderness road runs close to Kultsjöån, which makes it easy and quick to reach our fishing waters.

Welcome to try your luck fishing in our beautiful mountain nature - Recommended!

(Kultsjöån's FVO reserves itself for possible misspellings and other obvious inaccuracies)

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Mevattnet, Lövsjön, Rissjön m fl vatten
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