Rajastrands FVOF



  Västerbottens län / Dorotea municipality.

Rajastrand is an attractive fishing area within the municipality of Dorotea that lies on the border between
Västerbotten and Jämtland. Here we offer really good trout, grayling and pike fishing.
With us, you can fish in everything from large waters such as Stor-Rajan to much smaller ponds and streams.
The variety is great and the fishing is good, not least for those looking for large trout.
See the map tab for more information about our waters.

In progress:

The ice fishing season is on. The bigger graylings have started to chop at Stor-raija.

Now Harrsjön, Raitasjön and Åsjön are included in our fishing license.

We have introduced a fly-fishing stretch along the Saxån.


The FVOet owns a cabin which is located at Handsksjön in the western part of the fisheries management area. The cottage rental also includes a boat. Host: Lars-Vidar Berg 072 500 28 80

If you, as a fisherman, are looking for accommodation more centrally, we recommend renting Rajagården from the Interest Association. Then you live right next to beautiful Lill-Raijan with a view over Oxfället. take the opportunity to use the sauna and take a cooling dip after a successful day of fishing. You can find contact information on their website: www.Rajastrand.se

Rent a boat within Rajastrand's FVO:

In Västerhundsjön there is a boat to rent for SEK 100 per 6 hours. Rented by Annelie Hahlin Mårtensson. (See map for fishing license sales point)

In Storsjön there is a boat to rent for SEK 100 for 6 hours or SEK 200 for a day. Rented by Annelie Hahlin Mårtensson.

In Handsksjön there is a boat for rent. Included in the cabin rent for the gloves lake cabin. Rented out by Stugvärd Lars-Vidar Berg

Fishing license:

The legal owner of a property within Rajastrand's FVO has the right to purchase fishing rights certificates. They are available from Annelie Hahlin Mårtensson and cost SEK 300

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 16.
 Only in company with a keeper / adult / person who holds a valid fishing license (on his quota)
 Issued fishing license is personal but also applies to accompanied children under 16 years of age.

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Rajastrands FVOF

Our board:
Chairman: Kristian Berg
Secretary: Jan-Åke Wallin
Treasurer: Jonny Skoglund
Members: Anders Mårtensson, Anton Ottosson, Mikael Larsson, Krister Eriksson SCA
Auditor: Mikael Johansson
Auditor assistant: Reinhold Berg

Organization number: 802600-0821

Customer number: 916, Area: 876.

Contact persons

Kristian Berg
0705 - 63 98 09


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