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  Gävleborgs län / Sandviken municipality.

Wander through the wild forest. Here is a real trout trout named Borrsjöåöring along with battleable rainbows.

Borrsjöån is a smaller forest sow that has its source flow from Borrsjön in Dalarna where it then flows into Gästrikland and out into the Great Lakes. Borrsjöån is a very beautiful river that has very varied environments, with everything from longer calm floating in marshland to more combative areas through dense coniferous and mixed forests.

Borrsjöån holds a very unique trunk of trout called Borrsjöåöring, unfortunately the trout has been exposed by man's influence on nature like many other of our Swedish rivers and lakes. What was previously destroyed by us humans must now be addressed by us, which we will try to contribute to our fly fishing route. We call that project "Save Borrsjöåöringen".

On our fly fishing route, Borrsjöån is shown from its most beautiful side with varying streams, interspersed with fine small poles and current necks. The river is surrounded by a magical coniferous forest in the upper parts while switching to more mixed forest in the lower parts. The bottom structure consists of sand and gravel in the calmer parts and poles, while the stones of varying size create strong stream sections. "Insect life" Insect life varies greatly throughout the year.

From May to the end of August, the reindeer dragon, dragonfly dragonfly, sea sand dragonfly, girl dragonfly, night dragonfly and lots of good land insects. Around midsummer and a couple of weeks ahead we have big hatches of the gourmet dragonfly - Åsandsländan (Ephermera Danica) and Sjösandsländan (Ephermera Vulgata), which gives us a dry fly fishing in unbeatable style! During this period, it is easy to find watchful fish along the entire stretch as the fish is frozen on these goodies. Another fun period is when the girl dragonflies are on the move. Then the fish goes on a very aggressive hunt and you can see the fish jump really high, even into the overhangs of bushes and trees! From September it is springy and occasional brookland along with land insects that attract wakes. The fish often stand next to land and head and tail, then flies of very small sizes apply.

 The area includes one or more fishing areas for catch-and-release, i.e the fishes are gently put back into the water alive.
 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 16.
 Only in company with a keeper / adult / person who holds a valid fishing license (on his quota)
 In the Company of the adult who bought (Dygnskort 300 :-)

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Rainbow trout


Ovansjö Kronoparks Flugfiske

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In 2016, Ovansjö Kronoparks Fly Fishing was formed.

We lease a stretch of "Borrsjöån" up in Gästrikland where we conduct fly fishing operations where only C&R is allowed.

We also offer guiding and throwing courses.

Our aim is to offer good fly fishing for Borrsjöåöringen, which is a genuine tribe together with combative rainbows in a fantastic environment.

Our long-term work is, of course, the fishing care that we are passionate about, to restore the river after the "float cleansing" that has been done with so many watercourses in our elongated country.

For information on guiding, throwing courses, accommodation or if you want to subscribe to the river or are a larger company, please contact us and we will assist you with booking.

Organization number: 969779-5681

Customer number: 3039, Area: 3044.

Contact persons

070 - 733 08 18

072 - 734 87 61

072 - 237 16 05


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