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  Kalmar län / Vimmerby municipality.

Borstingen, 67 ha in size, is located approximately 4 km east of Vimmerby in the direction of Västervik along Rv40.
Surrounded by both deciduous and coniferous forest, it provides a wonderful nature experience despite its proximity to the national highway.

The clear cold spring water with good water quality and pH value in combination with deep holes of up to 25 meters create the conditions for exciting fishing.
The species present are pike, perch, roach, tench, tench and crayfish.
Borstingen's fine population of crayfish was devastated by the plague in the late 1970s, after which signal crayfish were planted in the 80s.
This planting gave good catches in some places in the lake in the late 90s, but nowadays the catches vary greatly and for that reason crayfish fishing is only allowed for land/water owners between the first Wednesday in August and six weeks ahead.

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Borstingens FVOF

Borstingens Fiskeförening was formed in the 1930s to be transformed into Fiskevårdsområdesförening 1991 and we manage the fishing in our spring lake with clear and deep water that lacks inflows and only has one outflow.

Our long-term goal is to maintain and develop the fish species that exist today with well-maintained water quality through well-balanced fishing.

Borstingen's fisheries conservation area is run together by a number of land / water owners. Fishing clubs are welcome to arrange competitions with us, see information under Contact persons.

Schools are welcome to arrange trial fishing days with us, see information under Contact persons.

Organization number: 802600-8964

Customer number: 3194, Area: 3239.

Contact persons

Bertil Carlsson

0705 - 46 92 63


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