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  Kalmar län / Vimmerby municipality.

Outside the world of Vimmerby and Astrid Lindgren is the beautiful and long narrow lake Krön.

Krön is part of Stångån's water system. Here are nice fishing waters for both the beginner and the experienced fisherman. On several occasions, the largest pikeperch of the year in Sweden has been caught in these described waters.
The lake is a 740 hectare and relatively shallow lake.

To put in the boat, do at Karsnäs sign from road 826 with sport fishing sign. Follow the instructions for parking etc. The boat mooring at Kröngården is closed during the bathing season

It is also possible to fish from the bridge at Sund, but think about safety as it is a busy road.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14.
 Only in company with a keeper / adult / person who holds a valid fishing license (on his quota)

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Kröns FVOF

Kröns Fiskevårdområdesförening conducts fishing license sales in Lake Krön.

The Fisheries Conservation Area Association's work is to nurture and develop the fish stock and increase the future quality of Krön as a fishing water and recreation area.

Organization number: 802600-5507

Customer number: 1130, Area: 1092.

Contact persons

Steve Ingström
070 - 289 74 10


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