Byskeälvens Övre Fvo

  Norrbottens län / Arvidsjaur municipality.

Happy fishing in the heart of Lapland!
A river that begins at the outlet of Kilversjön one mile southeast of Arvidsjaur located in the heart of Lapland and flows into Byske 3 miles north of Skellefteå.
The upper part of Byskeälven is surrounded by a magnificent wilderness with wild animals in the "knot". The river has its catchment area in the woodland and the water level can vary.
The main furrow is divided into three different parts.

The upper part:
This part is the home of the trout and grayling. It consists of rough block elements with deep casings and many fine stalls. Here the greyhound grows coarse and here you have the chance of your dream greyhound.
The trout also grows large with the help of the reintroduction section that runs from Kliverdammen to Graunaforsen. Here it can be difficult to wade because the bottom consists of large boulders and deep holes.

The middle part:
Transitions to large seals and calm flowing water. And here, targeted fishing for large pike and perch can yield fine catches.

The bottom part:
This is salmon paradise. Here the river is a little easier to ford as the bottom can consist of a little more fine-grained gravel and smaller stones. Rock outcrops and deep caves are also reminiscent. There are many fine necks and ridges all the way down to the county border.

The river has three tributaries included in the fishing license, namely Kilisån, Bäverån and Fräkenträskbäcken. These tributaries serve as breeding grounds for smaller fish and are often very shallow.
Feel free to look for the fish in deeper water in the main channel.

The fisheries management area includes:

  • Byskeälven: The section Kilver-county border at Kåtaselet

  • Kilisån: The section Bokselholmen-Byske river

  • Bäverån: The section Metarkläppen-Byske river

  • Fräkenträskbäcken: The stretch Svanträsk rågång-Byske river

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.
 Endast i sällskap med målsman/vuxen
 children under 16 fish for free when accompanied by a guardian

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Byskeälvens Övre Fvo

Organization number: 899100-4675

Customer number: 3352, Area: 3411.

Contact persons

Johan Wiklund
0706 - 31 02 46

Patrik Berglund
0702 - 90 79 72


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