Fagerhultasjön & Vrångens FVOF

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  • Fager Hulta Lake
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Fagerhultasjön, Vrången m fl sjöar

  Jönköpings län / Vetlanda municipality.

The following water is available in the fishing area:
Lake Fagerhultas, Vrången, Försjön and Brändegöl .

The lakes are long-narrow nutrient-poor forest lakes with a maximum depth of 12.5 meters. The beaches are mostly rocky with sparse reeds which makes fishing from land difficult. The lakes are mainly surrounded by forests and marshes. The lakes have relatively clear water with a low degree of human load for nutrients, environmental toxins, turbidity, humus and acidifying substances. The lakes have nesting seabirds.

Existing fish species are whitefish, whiting, roach, pike and perch.

Fish species







Fagerhultasjön & Vrångens FVOF

Founded in 1991. The purpose of the association is to coordinate the fishing and fishing activities of the fisheries, to promote the fishermen's common interests and to take into account the regulations that apply to the fishing activities and to fish.

Organization number: 802600-0912

Customer number: 1134, Area: 1096.

Contact persons

Lars Jonsson

072 - 304 71 60


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