Vaggerydsortens FVOF


Fängen, Sandsjön, Tängsjön och Käringasjön

  Jönköpings län / Vaggeryd Municipality.
Vaggerydsortens fishing area offers fishing in the little lakes, Fängen and Sandsjön, located north of Vaggeryd in the upper parts of Lagans mainfare. Fishing for the area is mainly attracted to fishing for fine perch and pike. In addition to Fängen and Sandsjön, there is also the possibility of fishing in a number of smaller lakes and lakes. The lakes are embedded in wild-marked pine forests. Lom and osprey enjoy the area. Fängen and Sandsjön are deep, clear and nutritionally poor with good water quality. There are stocks of cycling stock and a rest stock of sik. The lakes are interesting for pimper fishing after perch and spin fishing for abbore, pike and goose. The founder Tängsjön is located in the southern part of the fishing area and is tucked away from the Sandsjön through a narrower swimming. The lake is only 5-6 meters deepest and the water is much more humus-colored, which means that the depth of view is poor. Tängsjön is the only lake in the fishing area where gös is located. In addition to the above lakes, Vaggerydsortens fishing area includes the lakes Prästagölen, Målagölen, Nöthultsgölen and Käringasjön. The bridge over the Lagan at Sonarps mill forms the upper limit of the fishery area in the north and the dam site at Mölna is the lower limit in Lagan in the south.
 The area includes one or more fishing areas for catch-and-release, i.e the fishes are gently put back into the water alive.


Org ID: 869, Area 829

Vaggerydsortens FVOF

Vaggerydsortens fiskevårdsområde is run by a landowner board whose purpose is to promote fishing for the public in state and privately owned waters.

Contact persons

Fredrik Gustafsson

0705 - 63 11 31


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