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Flen, Sällevadsån

  Jönköpings län / Vetlanda municipality.

Welcome to try your luck fishing in Lake Flen.

Flen is located in Vetlanda municipality, beautifully nestled in the forests of Småland. The lake is part of Emån's main drainage system, it has a maximum depth of about 16 meters, covers an area of 3.73 square kilometers and is 181 meters above sea level.

The area includes the entire lake Flen, including the upper part of Sällevadsån down to the dam at Flenshults mill. Lake Flen holds good stocks of mainly pike, pikeperch and perch, all of which offer wonderful fishing experiences. There are also a number of different whitefish, including bream and tench as interesting sport fishing species.

You are welcome to us with your own boat and the launching place is in the northwestern part of the lake where there is also a prepared barbecue place with associated wind protection.

It is also possible to rent a boat.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14.
 Only hand held equipment

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Flens FVOF

There are two boat ramps in the lake, one located in the western part, and one in River Sällevadsån in the easter part.

Accommodation in the lake’s surroundings - contact: 
Ebel och Verena Armin, Karlstorp, 0046383-731014
Lars-Göran Frode, Påtarp 4, 570 30 Mariannelund, 0046496-51019, larsgoran.frode@telia.comlarsgoran.frode@telia.com
Ulla Blom, Lixerum 1, 570 30 Mariannelund, 0046383-733023, 0046501-275542,ulla.blom@metsatissue.comulla.blom@metsatissue.com

Organization number: 827500-9432

Customer number: 263, Area: 223.

Contact persons

Björn Karlborg

070-229 17 99


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