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Emån, Järnsjön, Oppsjön m fl sjöar

  Kalmar län / Hultsfred municipality.

All waters of the fishery area
Emån, Järnsjön, Oppsjön, Vensjön, Upper and Lower Svartsjöarna, Breda and Smala Viksjön, Klevegöl, Stubbegöl, Starrängsgölen, Magregöl, Avegöl, Skattebergagölen, Lommegöl.

Fishing in Emån is available from Nyboholm, Kvillsfors in the west to Klövdala in the east. Emån is a varied one with high sport fishing value. Fish species: perch, pike, roach, braxen, leg lover, marrow, suther, color, lake, etc.

Tips for:
Beginner: Bottommeta in holes and catch the brax and roar.
Proffset: Fish big pike with both spin and mete.
The Discoverer: Gäddfisket has a great potential and there is a lot to explore. The Ån is classified as Natura 2000 area with a large number of valuable species linked to the water system, both in flora and in fauna. The river contains more than 30 different species of fish, such as mold, sea trout, salmon and color.

The fish in the Emån
Bottenmete after the roe and braxen go well on the route at Fröreda where you find the fish in calm floods and where the river turns. There you can also find big pike and the most effective way to get in touch with larger fish is to float with beet fish where the current is calmer. On the stretch, pigs have been taken over 12 kg and fish between 5 and 10 kg are common. Even the bottom mete after pike in deep cavities is a good method. It is also good to spin pike with a vobler, jigg or a spoon. Good places for coarse pike are around Fröreda, downstream of Järnsjön and downstream of the hydropower station in Järnforsen. Sometimes you can find larger perch in the deeper and calmer parties. The core can be found in principle on the whole stretch. Good stretches are around Fröreda and downstream of Ironforsen. Good methods for the fern are bottom-bottomed and because the fern is a whole eater, many different baits can be used. cheese, sausage, shrimp, bread or corn.

iron Sea
Järnsjön is located just west of the Iron Forces and is flooded by Emån. It is a shallow little lake and the surrounding area is dominated by wetlands and farmland. The vegetation in the lake is dominated by sausage and leafwort. You can find the lake either via the road between Ironforce and Vetlanda or if you reach the church west of Ironforsen. If you cross the church there is a small swimming area where you can park and put a boat. Järnsjön is an important bird lake with valuable wetlands south of the lake. It has an interesting story like polluted lake where environmental pollutants were stored at the bottom of upstream operations. In order to restore the lake and get a better water quality to Emån, the lake was mudged in 1994, which has been positive both for the lake and for the whole river downstream.

Fishing in Järnsjön
Gäddfisket is very good in the lake and it has been caught pigs over 13 kg and it is common with fish between 5 and 10 kg. Good methods are spinning fish with wings along the edges or measuring floats and beetles. Zaltvobler in blue color is a good bet for the pike in the lake. Even ismete is effective in the northern part. Because the lake has a very even bottom and contains similar depths, one can find the fish a little everywhere. A little deeper vein is found in connection with the reefs where you can sometimes find the fish. Perch is found throughout the lake and you can catch it on spiders and jiggs. Carp fish such as braxen and roe can be measured in the mouth where Emån flows out of the lake.

Those who want to discover and explore new fishing waters also include many smaller lakes and ponds. Here you can experience the fish in peace and quiet along with big lions, osprey and other species that like pristine places.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14.

Järnforsens FVOF (Hultsfred)

Järnforsen's FVOF was formed in 1991 with the aim, as fishing right holders, to create an organization whose task is to strengthen the common interest relating to fishing.

Organization number: 012369-5017

Customer number: 573, Area: 533.

Contact persons

Sven Karlsson
0706 - 36  01  74


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