Narrveteåns FVF


Skärveteån, Narrveteån

  Kalmar län / Hultsfred municipality.

The fishing in parts of Skärveteån and Fool Vet included in Narrveteåns Fiskevårdsområde (see map). Fishing in Skärveteån is quite inaccessible in several stages but offers the greater challenges. In the upper part of the river there is a small road on the south side that you can follow and fish the river from. Here you can try spinning with small spinners or meta with a float. For those who like fly fishing, there are certain parties the opportunity to drop off a fly in the stream. You have to sneak along the river so as not to scare the shy trout. Trout are in the river and fish are often behind rocks or in deep burrows where the river bends. The trout want shade and stand anywhere where branches hanging over the river. For reasons of prudence should not interfere with trout during the spawning season which begins in September, so any fish in the river earlier in the year. Trout stocks are sensitive to small rivers, fishing time after the philosophy of "catch and release" (catch and release). On the lower stretch of the river from the bridge between Team Dala and Kråketorp can walk along the river and fish for pike with both spinning and angling. Carp Fish is also one meta-after and then a good fishing rod handy. In Fools Know ye shall fisheries conducted in the Fishing in that part of the lake that lies between the river's inlet and outlet (see map). Here you can fish for pike and perch with both spinning and angling, pike in the lake. For perch spinners and jigs work well.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 9.

Narrveteåns FVF

Organization number: 833200-6876

Customer number: 967, Area: 922.

Contact persons

Tobias Hägg


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