Flatens m fl sjöars FVOF


Flaten, Bysjön, Melsjön, Yttre Vrången mfl

  Kalmar län / Hultsfred municipality.

With us you will find your next fishing adventure!

We offer sport fishing in several fish-rich lakes in the middle of the darkest Småland. The flat's fishery conservation area is located along road 23 between Målilla and Virserum in Hultsfred Municipality. Fishing in the fisheries conservation area is leased to the public through the sale of fishing licenses. The fishing license gives the right to fish in all lakes in the area with hand gear, also rowing / trolling is allowed. It is also possible to rent a boat.

Now you have the chance to win a year card in Flatens m fl sjöars FVOF !!!

Each reported fishing report on iFiske.se is valued as a lottery ticket. In order for it to generate a ticket, capture with photo evidence is required. Once a year at the association's annual meeting, 6 of these tickets will be drawn at random with a profit as below.

1st prize one year card
2nd prize one year card
3rd prize a monthly card
4th prize a monthly card
5th prize a weekly card
6th prize a weekly card

The winners will be announced in person. For more information see website!

The association manages the following water:
Flaten, Bysjön, Melsjön, Yttre Vrången, Övre Vrången, Skiren, Garpen, Other waters Vrångegöl with outflow Gårdvedaån to Gårdveda power station

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 14.
 Endast mete
 Only meta and spin fishing

Flatens m fl sjöars FVOF

The association was founded in 1976 to inter alia refuse thief fishing in the fishy lakes and gain control over the fish.

The fishing area includes the lakes Garpen, Skiren, Upper Wreck, Vrångegöl with drainage, Ottre Vrången, Flatensjön, Melsjön and Bysjön and Gårdvedaån down to the dam at Gårdveda power station. The association's affluence includes all fishing in the fishery area. The association has 50 members and fishing rights in the fishery area are divided between the shift layers: Hultarp, Venskögle, Blackelid, Ärnaskögle, Salsnäs, Gårdveda, Botesgård, Flatekulla, Fagerbäck, Grönkulla, Flathult and Vrånganäs.

The Annual Fisheries Meeting is held annually on time and place decided by the Board, but no later than April 1. Notice of the meeting shall be made in writing at least 14 days in advance.

Organization number: 012261-7152

Customer number: 590, Area: 550.

Contact persons

Göran Ekelund
0495 - 304 98
010 - 467 86 16


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Affiliated fishing areas in Kalmar län
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