Gåxsjön-Storåns FVOF



  Jämtlands län / Strömsund Municipality.

Gåxsjö is located 8 miles northeast of Östersund. The area is easily reached from Östersund via road 45 to Hammerdal. Then road 344 to Gåxsjö.

Storån with 2 miles of easily accessible fishing. The area has varying fishing opportunities in lakes and streams. Storån with 2 miles of easily accessible fishing. Goose lake with large trout, whitefish and grayling. A large number of ponds with perch, roach and pike. Good stream fishing when the spring river has fallen (around midsummer).

Fishing in the Gåxsjön after the ice discharge to August (trolling, drag). Tinkerbell and angelfish in the spring winter. Dry fly fishing for trout and grayling in Storån and the Gax Lake from midsummer and onwards. Everyone tarnishes small spinners, moves or worms. Gaxsjön trolling and drag row from the ice discharge until August.

Many waters are easily accessible by road. Fishing card machine at the rest area Storån and forest road Kakuåsen.

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 15.

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Gåxsjön-Storåns FVOF

Organization number: 893201-9741

Customer number: 100, Area: 64.

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