Gideå Västra fvof


Gideå Västra Fvo

  Västernorrlands län / Örnsköldsvik municipality.

To get to some of our waters, private roads are used. The roads may be closed at certain times during spring and autumn to prevent wrecks.
In winter, roads are only plowed if forest transport takes place on the road. Ask our card sellers about the condition of the roads BEFORE you start your journey. In winter, most water can be reached via snowmobile trails.

NOTE. A fishing license is required for all waters within the area (also Gideälven, Bergvattssjön Bodumsjön, and Gissjön).
The extent of the area is shown on the map.

If you have suggestions for further measures, etc., please get in touch.

Card seller:
Gert Lindgren Västergissjö 070-6664519
Hans Olov Nyström 070-5299185
Johan Norenius 070-2042701

 Free fishing for children and adolescents up to the age of 12.
 Only in company with a keeper / adult / person who holds a valid fishing license (on his quota)
 Children up to 12 years of age fish for free when accompanied by an adult. The fish are counted on the adult's card.

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Gideå Västra fvof

The Gideå western fisheries management area started its operations in 1989.
We are a non-profit association that wants to try to improve fishing in our area with the help of the money we get from the fishing licenses, which is returned to fishing promotion measures in our area.

To help us map the area and make assessments of what measures are appropriate, we have had the help of Örnsköldsvik Municipality and the Västernorrland County Board. Based on the investigations carried out about suitable objects in our area, we have gone ahead and started a number of projects.
Some examples are shown below

Ponds have been mined to reduce the population of small perch, which promotes the conditions for trout/trout
Play zones have been improved with various measures, including bottom stoning for play and room release.
Rotenone treatment has been carried out in some ponds, after which implantation has taken place with apparently good results.
Well-being measures have been taken in the form of cabins, windbreaks, piers, trails, boat moorings, etc.
A lot of our water has been limed and included in the municipality's liming plan. In several cases, we have raised the ph value in the water from a questionable 5.6 to 6.9 with the liming measures taken. Some lakes have been cleared of reeds with our own equipment.
Fish guards have been trained.
It is our hope that you appreciate the measures taken and that it leads to good fishing where we all enjoy a clean and beautiful nature.

Organization number: 802600-0805

Customer number: 3351, Area: 3410.

Contact persons

Åke Strömberg


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