Gömmarens Fiske

  Stockholms län / Huddinge municipality.

Gömmaren is a lake in Huddinge municipality in Stockholm County.
The lake is beautifully located in Huddinge Municipality and is located in a nature reserve.
The area is easily accessible by car, bicycle and municipal transport.
The lake is 21 hectares in size and has a maximum depth of 5.6 meters and an average depth of 3.8 meters
There are good casting opportunities around the lake but is also besieged by private plots.
For the fly fisherman who wants to, it is allowed to fish from a float ring, with leg power, to further increase the catch opportunities.
There is a hiking trail around the entire lake which makes it easy to move from one side to the other.
The stocking consists mostly of rainbow and trout in various sizes, and in late autumn we stock larger rainbow and char for the winter fishing.
There are several springs and it is possible to experience good fishing in the middle of summer. During the warm season, the fish are most active in the morning and evening.
The Gömmar area is a well-visited recreation area between Huddinge and Kungens Kurva with conditions for a rich outdoor life, during the summer the swimming lake with clear and clean water is popular.
Both in summer and winter, the lake is well visited by anglers.
The lake is otherwise rich in nutrients and has abundant insect life.
Långsjö-Gömmaren's Fishery Conservation Association takes care of fisheries conservation and supervision of fishing rights.
If you want to fish in Gömmaren, you need a special fishing license that is personal.

Ban on both combustion and electric engines:
According to the County Administrative Board's maritime traffic regulations 01FS 2001:138, it is forbidden to drive a motorized vessel in Gömmaren.
The ban applies to both combustion and electric engines.

 In this area, there is one or more "put and take" waters.

Fish species

Rainbow trout












Gömmarens Fiske

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LGF is a fishery conservation association located in Huddinge and was founded in 1940. We have around 400 members and operate in a number of areas. Much revolves around Gömmaren, fly fishing, fly tying, ice fishing and youth activities. The association offers a rich range of activities for members.

We are happy to receive school classes and companies for fishing.

For a detailed description and more information, read further on our website www.gommarensfiske.se

Organization number: 812800-8656

Customer number: 3361, Area: 3420.

Contact persons

Magnus Nylund
070- 754 73 51


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